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FAIRCON offers consultancy services in Electrical, HVAC, Public Health Engineering (PHE) and Fire Fighting disciplines for all kinds of buildings. It covers all aspects from Pre-design stage to Post -commissioning stage as stated below:

Pre-Design Stage
  • Gather Information, from client or architect.

  • Visit site for design & engineering.

  • Prepare preliminary drawings & designers report with block estimates of cost and time requirements.

Design Stage
  • Prepare calculation sheets required to carry out design & detail engineering of various systems.

  • Size & select equipment and material.

  • Evaluation of owning/operating cost analysis.

  • Technical assessment of alternate equipments.

  • Prepare design drawings & bill of quantities.

  • Raise cost estimates on basis of above schedules.

Tender Stage
  • Prepare tender documents with technical specifications, commercial terms, bill of quantities and drawings.

  • Issue tender notice & invite bids.

Contract Award Stage
  • Evaluate tenders received from contractors, Comparative statements.

  • Techno-commercial discussions with bidders.

  • Recommendations.

  • LOI, WO to award the contract.

Construction Stage
  • Visit site to inspect material and work.

  • Convey decision to client's engineer.

  • Technical support during commissioning as required.

Post Construction Stage
  • Technical support to accept the installation, as built drawings & spares from the contractor.

  • Orientation of system for operations crew.

  • Low Voltage Systems

    • Computer Network.

    • Fire Alarm System Design

    • CCTV System Design

    • Public Address & Paging System Design.

    • Access Control System.

    • Intruder Alarm Systems

    • Telephone Systems

    • Cable TV & Common Antenna

    • Building Management Systems (IBMS)

FAIRCON takes ownership of designing Electrical, Airconditioning, Ventilation, Public Health Engineering (Plumbing) and Fire Fighting systems. 

FAIRCON operates in following segments:

  • Electrical & Allied Systems:

    • High Tension Installations/switchyards/substations

    • Captive power plants/DG sets/co-generation/windmill

    • LT Distribution

    • UPS/stabilizers/inverters

    • Energy Monitoring Systems

    • PLC Based automation systems

    • Vertical Transportation/Lifts/Escalators​​​​

    • Lightning Protection System / SPD's

    • Reactive Power Management

    • Harmonics & Power Conditioning​​

  • Illumination Design:

    • Indoor Illumination Design 

    • Outdoor Illumination Design

    • Facade Illumination Design 

    • Landscape Illumination Design  

    • In-house DIALux System

    • Luminaire Selection Sheet

  • HVAC Design:

    • Heat Load Calculations​

    • Air conditioning equipment sizing Tr and CFM

    • Selection of Air Conditioning equipments

    • Basement Ventilation 

    • Smoke Extraction System

    • Evaporative Cooling System

  • Public Heath Engineering (PHE) Systems:

    • Domestic Water Supply

    • Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

    • Sewage & Sewage Disposal

    • Storm Water Drain 

    • Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

    • Rain Water Harvesting (RWH)

    • Tank Sizing (Underground as well as Overhead)

    • Hydropnuematic Water System

    • Water Distribution System & Schematic

    • Mechanical Pump Sizing

  • Fire Fighting (FF) Systems:

    • Fire Fighting Network Design as per relevant standards

    • Fire Fighting Sprinkler System

    • Fire Fighting Hydrant System

    • Mechanical Pump Sizing

    • Relevant Pressure and Pipe Sizing.

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