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Cape Town to run out of water in 90 days.

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Cape Town is on track to run out of water in 90 days following a drought lasting 3 years making it a first major city in the world to run dry of water.

The citizens will not have access to water at their homes from April onwards and will be limited to 6.6 gallons per person every day, to be collected from one of the 200 municipal water collection points. These collection points will be guarded by an armed guard to maintain peace and make sure no one takes more than their share.

An average American uses 80-100 gallons of water a day.

Drought like situations are spreading across the globe due to climatic changes like Global Warming. The citizens of Earth need to take corrective measures at the earliest to reduce the spread of drought and save the world.

The above image shows the Water Risk Assessment Map showing major cities in the world are in danger of running dry.

Below is the image of Mumbai shown in Extremely High Risk Zone and water conservation methods like Rain Water Harvesting, Sewage Treatment Plants, Water Table Balance methods etc. should be adopted immediately.

Everyone should understand the gravity of this situation and vow to provide a better planet for the coming generations. It is our responsibility as mankind to make this a better place not only to humans but also all the other species in the animal kingdom too.

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